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About Us

Welcome to Tsalt!
We're Cole and Tsatsaa Campi and we're thrilled to share with you our journey of how Tsalt Seasonings came about. 


Born and raised in Oakland, Cole grew up in a family of amazing chefs - his mom, Melinda cooked delicious meals every night including Saltimbocca, Beef Stew, Salmon to name just a few and his dad, John also barbecued ribs, steak, tri-tip, lamb chops and chicken. 
Inspired by his parents, Cole started to mix his own seasonings whenever he cooks using his slow cooker. 
After meeting his wife Tsatsaa who immigrated from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, the duo wanted to bring little taste of Mongolia to every kitchen and backyard bbq. 
Each blend of Tsalt Seasoning contains Jamts salt, formed over 250 million years ago below the mountain range of Mongolia. This Mongolian salt contains 84 different minerals that help nourish the human body.
Tsalt Seasonings is a product of passion, culture and love for the culinary arts. 
We hope that you enjoy your every meal with Tsalt Seasonings!