Gift Set - 6x Packets


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Gift Set  - 6x Packets
Gift Set  - 6x Packets

Spice up your life with Tsalt Seasonings - a perfect starter gift set for food lovers, wine lovers, chefs, husband, wife, Mom and Dad and for your Best Friends. 

Taste the variety of wine infused salt seasonings, handcrafted and packaged in Walnut Creek, CA. 

The gift set includes six 4oz jars of carefully crafted seasoning blends, perfect for your next home-cooked meal! 

Don't forget to pair your favorite bottle of wine, cheers! 

Blends included are: 

  1. Butter Oak - made with Chardonnay Infused Salt
  2. Citrus Vine - made with Sauvignon Blanc Infused Salt
  3. Jalapeño Lime - made with Rosé Infused Salt
  4. Red Velvet - made with Cabernet Sauvignon Infused Salt
  5. Vintage Vino - made with Merlot Infused Salt
  6. Zesty Ranch - made with Sauvignon Blanc Infused Salt


Butter Chicken Blend, Tasty Salmon Blend, Chef's Favorite for Fish and Vegetables Plates, Gifts for Home Cooking, Gift for Dad, Gift for Mom

Our Butter Oak blend is guaranteed to add an abundance of flavor to both your everyday and special occasion meals. Made with Napa Valley Chardonnay, this simple yet innovative blend adds a richness like no other to meats, vegetables, pasta and rice dishes. 

Originally crafted to use on fresh white fish, this blend is becoming a crowd favorite to infuse buttery flavor into steaks, burgers, pork, beef, and poultry.


Love lemon pepper? Love wine? We’ve got you covered with our Citrus Vine blend, made with Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc Infused Salt. 

This classic lemon pepper blend is mixed with organic California lemon peel to create a mouth-watering Lemon Pepper blend that you will end up adding to any dish.


Craving a Fajitas night? Spice up your Carne Asada, grilled chicken or vegetable dishes with this delicious Jalapeño Lime blend. 

Dinner has never been more delicious with this unique blend of Rosé infused salt mixed with red and green jalapeño powder, red and green bell peppers, organic California lime peel and ground makrut lime leaves. 


Perfect steak and meat seasonings for your favorite meal. Red Velvet blend is made with Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Infused Salt. 

Versatility at its finest. This delicious blend was created to mimic the undertones of a heavy-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon.

Blended with black pepper, green bell pepper, ancho chile, and brown sugar, this bold blend will find its way onto any plate.


Blended with Napa Valley Merlot Infused Salt, our Vintage Vino blend is flavorful, salt-forward seasoning that started our journey with wine infused seasonings. This best selling blend is mixed with rosemary, fennel, and chili powder, perfect for any breakfast, lunch and dinner meals from steaks, ribs, chicken, scrambled eggs to salmon and avocado toast. 


Add zest to any meal with our Zesty Ranch blend, made with Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc infused salt. 

This buffalo ranch inspired blend is mixed with buttermilk powder, black pepper, parsley, chives, dill and cayenne pepper to bring the country-style flavor we all know and love to all your poultry dishes, salad dressings, and even burgers. 

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